Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Power of Prayer

     September 7. I am about 99% sure that September 7 will be the day that I leave. A little over a month away. It has been amazing how quickly the time in MI has flown. Although, I know that my last couple weeks are going to go even faster. I have already mentioned earlier that I have been home soaking up the family time, and I will have even more family time coming up. I will be spending my last couple weeks here continuing to prepare...packing for a year for both my stuff and the items I'll need for school, waiting in anticipation as I wait to know what village I will be spending my year here, and working through everything else that I will need to have in order to be successful in my time in Tanzania.
     The last time that I posted I mentioned that I was incredibly blessed by the many people that I have shown me their support! Once again I am totally blown away. This past Friday we had our steak dinner and this was again another time when I have felt beyond blessed. Seeing all the people who came out brought tears to my eyes. There were people from all over the community that I have not seen in a couple years. It was so good to talk to them and catch up with them. It means so much to me to be a part of a community that truly takes the commitment they made when I was baptized seriously. I once again know that I will not be going to Tanzania alone, but I will be upheld with lots of prayers. Once again, I was blown away by God's amazing love and blessings.

There was a steady stream of people throughout the whole night. I think that we ended up with around 160-200 people! It was truly a blessing!!!

                                                                          We went with a theme of Safari. It turned out really cool looking. Although I was asked several times at the store when I was filling out the balloons if they were for a kid's birthday party! I thought we would have to be one balloon short. The lady filling them up accidently let one go and it flew to the ceiling! After a several minutes we were able to get it down with another balloon and tape! The idea super smart!  


  My niece was camping the whole week and was super tired! She fell asleep on the way to the dinner and was able to sleep through everyone talking and shouting! She truly must have some Dodde in her in order to sleep! Although, she did finally wake up and was able to enjoy a hot dog, finger Jell-O and of course some ice cream and she might have had a Root Beer Float as well!!

                It was nephew's 7th birthday on the night of the steak dinner so we had to celebrate his birthday too!!! It was a great night all around!!!

     Now I would like to ask you for yet another favor. I broke down the year that I will gone into all the different weeks. I'm asking that at least 2 people/families (some weeks 3) sign up to pray fervently for me on the week that they signed up for. I have several people who have already signed up for this, but if you would like to sign up for this as well, please just let me know. I can try to sign you up for a specific week or I can fill you in an open spot. The power of prayer is amazing and I know that without the prayers of so many people I will have a harder time staying and living in Tanzania. Some specific things are:
     -The spreading of the gospel
     -That God will blow my expectations out of the water
     -That God will use me
     -The introduction of special education
     -The many people I will come in contact with
     -That I may develop meaningful relationships
     -That I may learn the language

     Thank you again so much for your support! It truly does mean more then you can imagine!!! As always, if you have any questions, please just ask me. I will do my best to answer them!!!

In Christ,

Alexandra Dodde